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Snowy Weekend Getaway

  I think it’s safe to say, we live for the weekends around here. The days off relaxing, getting errands done, tidying up the house, and of course finding an adventure. Over the years, this has accumulated into some of our best memories.
 One of our 2019 goals is to take a trip once a month. We bought a trailer to help facilitate this goal. Or we bought a trailer and a trip once a month justifies the unnecessary purchase. Chicken or egg, who knows. We just got back from our second trip this year. Which has inspired me to share our January adventure. We go to Mammoth Lakes multiple times a year, we even got married in Mammoth. It was one of the many catalyst that led us to purchasing our trailer.
It seemed fitting our second trip ever in the trailer be to Mammoth. As I said, SECOND TRIP EVER was to the snow. Not just light snow, Mammoth Lakes, California has gotten more snow then anywhere else in the country this year. To say we were nervous about the daunting task of driving a 25 foot trailer being towed by a two wheel drive truck, is the under statement of the year. I should point out, I am just a mildly involved paranoid passenger convinced every bump is going to flip the entire set-up. Chris is the complete muscles and brains bhind making the trailer travel possible.
 When we arrived in Mammoth, it was not snowing, the street had been plowed. Actually arrival was very easy. We were able to spend the first two days enjoying great weather and visiting all our favorite spots. Good beer, Chris’s favorite pizza place (where we had our rehearsal dinner the night before our wedding), and some awesome views. One place we stop every visit is Convict Lake, specifically the spot where we stood and said our vows. This visit we unfortunately weren’t able to get to the exact spot due to snow and icy roads. Instead we enjoyed a breakfast picnic on the side of the scenic road that leads to the lake.
The weather took a turn Saturday morning while Chris was leaving to go snowboarding. The snow started falling and falling and falling. From inside the warm and cozy trailer, it was perfect. I finished the book I had been reading, took some cool videos of the snow, and walked Lola (the dog) for short increments.  For Chris, it was not so great. The mountain ended up closing early due to the weather conditions and he had a scary drive back to the trailer. He had decided to ski at the next town over, a normally 25 minute drive turned into almost an hour. After that we stayed near by the rest of the day. Going less than half a mile away from the trailer for food and drinks. The snow kept coming. We went to one of our favorite breweries, that is dog friendly, for a couple beers, we were only there for about two hours but we came back to the car with at least half a foot of snow covering it. Chris didn’t drink that night and when I questioned him about it, he said he was going to need a clear head for getting us out tomorrow. You know what, he was completely right! The next morning we woke to 2 feet of snow covering the entire campsite. At least a hundred other trailers and RVs were snowed in like we were. We made a quick dash to the hardware store, bought shovels and to begin digging out. By we, I mean Chris, while he was at the hardware store, I walked next door to get coffee (worst wife ever, I know).
 Our morning exit started at about 8:30am, Chris had finally made enough impact in the snow to get us out ten minutes before 11am (our checkout time) and the next storm was suppose to hit by noon. We barely made it. But we did make it. We had a great trip and made memories we will not soon forget. My husband is a true protector and provider, if any of that had been left to me to figure out, well we might still be there.
I can’t wait to share our latest trip with you. Stay tuned.

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