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Happy Campers

This was our first camping trip off the grid(sorta) with the trailer. We went to Red Rock Canyon State Park. You might remember it from one of the first scenes of Jurassic Park when they are digging up fossils in the desert. Red Rock is only about two hours outside of Los Angeles, making it the perfect filming spot.


Red Rock does have designated campsites and I believe two bathrooms in the campground. I asked Chris to grab me toilet paper out of one to blow my nose while on a walk and there was none. So if you ask me, it’s still a somewhat primitive campsite. The tricky part of Red Rock is you can not reserve a spot in advance, it is on a first come, first served basis.


We arrived to the desert late Saturday night, right before midnight.  All the spots in Red Rock campground were occupied. The best part about the location of this campground is there are multiple other areas to camp within 5 to 10 minutes. If you cannot find a spot there, you can keep going and find one at a different location. The other areas are full primitive and do not have the same beautiful view, but they are nonetheless a campsite in the desired area is obtainable. We continued down the road and found the perfect spot to stay for the night in Dove Springs. We do a lot of trips where we arrive after the sun has gone down. When you are out in the desert far away from any kind of street light or civilization, you need flashlights. I buy a couple boxes from amazon and keep them everywhere. In the car, the trailer, my purse. I even have them all around our house in case the power goes out. Cheap and in my experience very durable. I highly recommend getting some before heading out, I use these.


After parking and leveling the trailer, it began to snow. I just want to point out, we were only two hours away from Los Angeles and IT WAS SNOWING. We woke up the next morning to a light layer of snow covering the ground. It was gorgeous. We made coffee and walked the dogs around briefly, before heading back to Red Rock. With fingers crossed we looked for an available site at Red Rock, it was now Sunday morning and our hope was that people would leave early to head home. To our surprise and delight we found the perfect open spot. There actually were a few open spots, but we got the one we had wanted. We immediately set up camp for the rest of our stay.


Having settled in to our new spot we made breakfast and took the dogs for a long peaceful walk. It snowed on and off the whole day. The weather was a few degrees too cold, and we needed to bundle up. I wasn’t the only one cold. Both our dogs are on the smaller side and have short hair, they get cold easily but love being outside with us. I bought them snow coats I found on amazon that we have been using all winter. The dogs like the jackets enough to keep them on and it definitely helps provide warmth when we are out in cold climates, even snow. Also they look so cute in their jackets. I found them  here .


We took many long walks with the dogs, usually followed by food, a nap, and then repeat. We had a very relaxing trip. We didn’t go too far but felt like we were miles away. In March we are staying at our first rv resort, look forward to a full report coming your way.

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