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First Hike of 2020

It feels only fitting to follow up the last post with a few thoughts on our first hike of 2020. I must acknowledge what a privilege it is to be able to go hiking in January wearing a tank top. Thank you Southern California. Stay tuned, we will be adventuring in the snow next month. We actually had a very cold and wet November and December. This was one of the first decent days in awhile. Gorgeous weather, in the 70s.

We had began planning our hike several days prior, Chris sent me pictures of where he wanted to go. All I remember is seeing people in a cave and knew that’s where we had to go. The night before, we were laying on the couch with the dogs, like we often do. I said to Chris how it feels like we are going to Disneyland tomorrow and the dogs have no idea. Little did we know the next morning would not get off to such an exciting start. Chris wanted to bring his drone on the hike but was having major technical issues with it. He was frustrated, but managed to get everything working right. And on our way we went.

It was like Disneyland. For both the dogs and us. We explored and challenged ourselves. We held hands. We laughed at the struggles and slips going up and down some of the hills. We stopped to take many pictures of the dogs being truly and completely happy. My heart felt full in the best way. We let all our frustrations go, and focused on the beautiful moment we were presently in.

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