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Each year I set a few goals I plan to achieve by the end of the upcoming year. I define my big goals, i.e. being healthy. Then I plan my daily, weekly, and monthly steps to accomplish the goal. I don’t like to set unattainable goals for myself, there is nothing on my list like win the lottery this year. The goals I set are chosen because I believe they will lead to being a better person living a better life.


Being healthy is one of my goals this year, it’s not about being a certain weight for me or having a particular body muscle ratio. I want to feel fit, healthy, I want to be active and have energy. I want my body, mind and soul to feel the best it can. The daily steps I have mapped out are 30 minutes of being active, i.e. walk the dogs, ride bike, last night I went up and down our stairs for 30 minutes. I set a timer for 30 minutes and do an activity until the timer goes off. Also on my daily plan is 5 minutes of meditation every day. I have been using Youtube guided 5 minute meditations and LOVE it. My weekly step toward being healthy is so easy, but something I never do. Grocery shop at a healthy alternative market, Wholefoods, Trader Joes, Sprouts, farmers markets, etc. This might seem like an insignificant point to plan out, but it will make a difference. And if its written out in the plan, I have a better chance of remembering to do this! Finally I set my monthly steps, and for this category I have designated at least one day spent completely devoted to recharging my body, and mind. Beauty pamper day, a day out in nature walking/hiking, massages with meals from my favorite vegan restaurant. Whatever I need to really recharge my batteries for the month.

I set about 4 or 5 major goals I want to focus on throughout the year. Followed by the bullet points of the steps, daily, weekly and monthly, I plan to take to achieve my goals. Each goal is is completed my a manifestation statement; It is December 2020, I am healthy, I am fit, I feel strong physically and mentally.

Finally I transfer my plan to my day planner. Listing what needs to be done on the day it needs to be done. There are few things as rewarding as checking tasks off your agenda, and knowing you are one step, one day, one week, one month closer to reaching your goals.

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