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Target Winter Outfits

Ever walk into Target to get one item and walk out with a basket full of stuff you didn’t know you needed? This happens to me often. Which is why I normally order everything online now. Saves me more money then I care to admit. However I do a Target walk around at least every couple months and every once in a while I hit the wardrobe jackpot. These are my current favorite finds. 658CEB2D-56F2-468B-800C-D93070E77132

This blazer is business woman GOALS. Blazer and white long sleeve basic from Target. I have these shirts in every color, v-neck and crew neck. I highly recommend stocking up. Pants are Zara. Shoes are Halston Heritage. Purse is from TJ Maxx.


This sweater is PERFECT in all ways. Shoes are also from Target but last year. Belt is Michael Kors. Jeans are Levis.


BASIC TEE ALERT, wearing another Target basic tee. The buffalo plaid fuzzy jacket is what I will be living in from here on out. Beanie is Target. Jeans are Levis, boots are Steve Madden.


Honestly, I have worn this outfit everyday this week. EVERYTHING ON ME IS FROM TARGET!

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