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Santa Ynez Valley Getaway

To start, we did not have enough time and we must go back. There is so much food and drinks to be had, two days is not enough time to get everything in. However we did have a great trip!
We headed to Flying Flags RV Resort Saturday night when Chris got off work. Such an easy drive from our house, it only took about 2 hours. I had called ahead letting the resort know we would be arriving after the front office had closed. They left us a map with exact directions to our pull through site. After parking, a security guard in a golf cart made his way to us, making sure we didn’t need anything or have any questions. He also pointed out where the complimentary coffee would be served in the morning. It was almost midnight by the time we had set up, and we immediately got ready for bed. The next morning we took the dogs and headed to the front office to officially check in and get some of that coffee. From the front office we did a whole walk of the resort, dogs and coffee in tow. Besides being a great rv resort, they have cabins, cottages, airstreams and safari type tents you can rent. Each has its own lane or multiple lanes inside the premises. There is a recreation hall you can rent out for events, that has an outdoor airstream food truck and bar. A field with outdoor games. Very nice bathrooms and showers. The place is incredible.
After a nice long walk around the resort with the dogs, we got ready for the day and decided to have breakfast at the cafe near the front desk. We sat outside by the fire pit enjoying extremely large mimosas and breakfast burritos. Honestly we could of shared both and been fine. After breakfast we did another walk around the resort grounds. Taking in the fresh air, and really delighting in each other’s company.
The walk was followed by a trip to Industrial Way. We drove, but it is walking distance from the resort. Industrial Way is where the breweries and wine tasting rooms are in Buellton. I highly recommend trying a few if you have the time. We spent the afternoon sipping beers by the fire pit with the dogs and making new friends. We only made it to one brewery, Figeuoura Mountain, which if you like beer I highly recommend. When we go back, we will give the tasting rooms a try. After the beer, we were feeling the time change, the traveling late at night and we were exhausted. We had dinner at the bbq pit on the resort and went to sleep early watching Doomsday Preppers in bed.
Our final morning included two of the most important stops. We had danish pancakes at Paula’s Pancake House in Solvang. They have a great out door patio where we were able to sit with the dogs. Ellens Danish Pancake House had really good reviews and is right next to the resort(you could walk), however no outdoor seating for the dogs. The food at Paula’s is delicious, you can sit outside right in the middle of Solvang. If you have never been to Solvang, all the buildings are made to model a Dutch village. It’s very unique and fun to sit right in middle of this adorable town. Second stop of the morning was a beautiful and easy hike to Nojoqui Falls. It was a ten minute drive from breakfast to get to the park, where you start the walk from. It only took about ten to fifteen minutes walking to get to the waterfall. Due to the recent rain it was very muddy and there were spots where we needed to carry the dogs due to the mud. Unfortunately because of this I have no photos of the waterfall. But it is a gorgeous walk! It was the perfect end to such a great weekend. We can’t wait to go back, and explore more.

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