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Spring Wreath DIY

I love to fill our house with seasonal decorations. In Fall and at Christmas it feels like our home becomes alive from the decorations we add. This year for Spring I wanted to start off with something fun. A Spring wreath is always placed on our front door by about mid-March. This year is no different except I plan to make the wreath. Especially since wreaths get so pricey.

I got really lucky and was sent an email from my local craft store that they were having a sale on Spring flowers, I swooped in and got everything needed for the project including the glue gun for under $50. I had ordered everything ahead of time and just had to walk to the counter for pick up. I had ordered a couple of everything but unfortunately their online stock didn’t match their actual inventory. However, I was still able to fill this wreath with what I got, I ended up using every last piece.
Supplies: flowers and filler plants, a wreath, hot glue gun and few glue sticks, and wire cutters.
Step 1: Pick your flowers, make sure you get enough to fill the entire wreath. You will need multiple Spring colored flowers, as well as filler plants. I used pink hydrangeas – quantity 1, foliage bush (filler) – quantity 2, yellow and orange daisies -quantity 5, coral astrantia – quantity 2, and cream wild rose bush (filler) – quantity 4. The wreath is an 18 inch grapevine wreath.
Step 2: I borrowed wire cutters from my husband, but you can also pick these up at any craft store. Start chopping up your flowers. Leave about 1 to 2 inches of stem. The fuller the flower and leaves are the shorter I make the stem. I cut everything up and pile it in the center of the wreath.
Step 3: Start putting your flowers in place on the wreath. The great thing about the grapevine wreath is you can manipulate the branches to get your stems securely in place. I put my biggest flowers in first and just spin the wreath around adding more as I go. There is no pattern needed, just a here and there strategy.  As it starts to fill up, I spin it around finding all the gaps. I pretty much just add flowers until I run out, trying to make it as evenly colorful as possible.
Step 4: Assess the arrangement. This is the time to make any changes to the arrangement. Once you are happy with how your wreath looks, begin gluing. This is tricky to explain, but I hold the flowers out of the way with one hand and glue where the stem meets the wreath with the other hand. I also ass glue to the end of the stem on the fluffier ones. After I’ve made it around the wreath once I keep going just slightly tugging on the flowers and when I find one loose I glue it in place. It takes me probably three turns until everything is completely glued in place.
Step 5: Find the perfect spot to hang your wreath. Stand back and admire your work.

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  1. Ahhh, loved this! I def want to make a spring wreath now that the weather is finally starting to warm up 🙂


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