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How To Sunday

Do you ever get to Sunday and feel stressed out that Monday is just around the corner? We have compiled a few tricks over the years to help us battle that anxiety and unwind on Sunday. You can also check out our YouTube channel for more on the antics we get up to on Sundays.
Sunday’s are meant for sleeping in. But sleeping away your day can feel like a complete waste (unless you are sick, then it’s totally a good idea). During the week our household is normally woken by alarm in the 5am area. To us 7am is sleeping in. Getting up by 7am on Sunday helps keep the early rising momentum going. Science suggests we should wake up everyday, even weekends, at the same time. 5am is torture, and I’m not doing it if I don’t have to, but at 7am I get my two extra hours of sleep and still have the whole day ahead. Tip 1: get your extra sleep, but don’t over due it.
Sunday’s are meant for slowing down. Just because we are awake does not mean we are dressed and out the door. We do have dogs who need to go outside fairly soon after we wake up. Our solution to this is throwing on some sweatpants and heading downstairs with the dogs. We let them outside, while we make coffee. This is the perfect time for us to play music, we have Alexa’s through out the house and they work as great speakers. With music going and coffee brewing, we take a little time to tidy up. Thirty minutes with the two of us cleaning goes a long way. After the quick spruce, the couch cuddling and Sunday morning movie time usually begins. In our house almost every Sunday morning, my husband will put on a Harry Potter movie. We make breakfast and take it easy. I only stay downstairs for a portion of the movie before I head up to start actually getting ready for the day, I tend to take much longer than my husband does. Tip 2: taking it easy, can include a quick morning clean up. A house doesn’t stay clean all week, but it helps starting off the week that way.
We try to always plan ahead of time, an activity we want to do on Sunday. Museum, hike, beach, something, by planning ahead we can manage our time accordingly that morning. It also gives us something to look forward to during the week.  There are few Sunday’s when we don’t have something planned, even if it is just a lunch picnic in the park next to our house.  Tip 3: plan ahead, make your Sunday worth the long week.
A lot of people like to run their errands on Sunday’s, I know this because most stores are the busiest then. I am not one of those people. If there is a way to have it delivered, I use it. I usually have are groceries delivered through an app or many grocery stores offer delivery themselves. This saves me so much time. I also use target and amazon to have our toiletries and essentials delivered. This makes my life so much easier, but it is not for everyone. You cannot wait until the last minute otherwise you might spend two days without toilet paper or deodorant. You will normally not see typical errand running on Sundays for our household, but if it is necessary, tip: 4 make a list, plan ahead, and go early.
Lastly, always save time in your Sunday to chill out. Going out late or staying up late, starts your week off with a lack of sleep that can be nearly impossible to catch up on until the next weekend. We try to be home by 4pm. This gives us time to relax before we start making dinner. We can do a quick clean of any mess we might of made throughout the day. Start a movie. Get all the meal prep needed for the coming week done. I also like to take a bubble bath, use a face mask or wash and blow dry my hair. During the week we have crazy schedules and are rarely home before 4pm. It’s nice to take that time to pamper ourselves. Tip 5: save time to indulge in at home pampering and relaxation.

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